A New History of Scotland

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ISBN: 0750927860
Author: Murray G.H. Pittock
Book title: A New History of Scotland
Format: pdf, epub, fb2, djvu
Pages: 352
Publisher: History Press Limited, The
Language: English
Category: History
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A New History of Scotland pdf / epub / fb2 / djvu

Scotland is a small nation which has had a disproportionate influence on culture, trade and industry throughout the world. This full narrative history explores its extraordinary growth, giving due significance to geography, language, identity, science and Scotland's role abroad, as well as to the religious identity of the country, which is seen as central to its early development. Starting with Scotland before the Scots and including the early kingdom, Wallace, the Wars of Independence, the Reformation, the incorporation of Scotland into the United Kingdom and its role as a shaper of modern society, Murray G. H. Pittock presents a comprehensive and accessible account of the history of this small nation. A New History of Scotland will appeal to all interested in the roots and development of a nation which is today looking forward to playing an increasingly important and independent role. Book jacket.