Hinduism (World Beliefs and Cultures)

Hinduism (World Beliefs and Cultures) free download

ISBN: 1432903144
Author: Sue Penney
Book title: Hinduism (World Beliefs and Cultures)
Format: pdf, epub, fb2, djvu
Pages: 48
Publisher: Heinemann-Raintree
Language: English
Category: School & Teaching Books
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Hinduism (World Beliefs and Cultures) pdf / epub / fb2 / djvu

Discover the rich cultural background behind six major religions of our world. World Beliefs and Cultures looks at key aspects of each religion and the way it is observed around the world. Find out where the religion originated, trace its history, and explore the meaning of its symbols. Hinduism explores typical places of worship for Hindus, as well as major sites and places of pilgrimage around the world. There are clear explanations of Hindusim's holy books, symbols, teachings and forms of worship, and how these affect moral and social issues. The significance of major festivals and life's rites of passage is also covered, backed up with personal accounts from young people from all over the world. Book jacket..Discusses the origins, history, and practice of Hinduism, including information about various festivals and celebrations